Sunday, 30 January 2011 Oil Spill & Pollution Clean up Contractors Directory

The book spans over 140 pages, and lists the contact details of over 1,000 oil spill clean up contractors in 50 countries. You can see some sample pages here .
After 18 months of revisions and updates the 5th Editon is now available. This directory has been in publication for 6 years and is the only directory dedicated to listing oil spill contractors worldwide.

 OIL SPILL FORUM - We have created a Forum to help people and organizations involved in oils spills to connect, post messages regarding equipment offers and requests for employment. Click the link below. We have also moved a lot of our content regarding oil spills, news, conferences, equipment etc to the Forum to provide a more interactive platform. We hope you find it useful, please note the forum is for oil spill related matters only.
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 OIL SPILL CONTRACTOR LISTINGS - click the red listings button at the top of this page to access contractor information listed by State and Country. This information is provided free of charge.

This directory has been published for a number of years now and is recognized as a leading industry directory. The content is carefully updated on a regular basis, we do our best to verify that companies listed here are able to offer emergency oil spill services. If you believe we have missed anyone please contact us. This unique directory is valuable to all parties involved in dealing with oil spills so your assistance is appreciated.
If your listing is incorrect or you notice anything that needs a revision please let us know asap. Note these listings are for service companies not equipment or material suppliers.
Currently this directory lists over 1,000 oil spill contractors around the world, we have been working on enhancing the detail with a brief descriptions of the services offered - click here for more details.
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