Sunday, 30 January 2011

the russia

Suspected Suicide Blast Rips Through Russian Airport, 31 Dead
Thirty one people are already confirmed dead after an explosion tore through the boarding area of Russia's most modern airport.

Russian Oil Magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky Found Guilty Again
The prosecution of a wealthy oil magnate in Russia shows that Russia is far from being a free country.

President Obama Wants START Treaty Ratified Quickly
President Obama is using every means available to him to convince the Senate to quickly ratify a nuclear treaty with Russia.

Moscow Death Rate Skyrocketing Amongst Smog Problem
Moscow is dealing with the dual threat of smog from wildfires and soaring temperatures, resulting in nearly doubled daily death figures.

Deepest Lake in the World
Do you know which is the deepest lake in the world? Continue reading, for more information about Lake Baikal - the lake which boasts being the deepest, the clearest as well as the oldest lake in the world.

Earth-Bound Asteroid to be Knocked Off by Russia
Russia is planning to knock off an asteroid that is bound for Earth.

The Vatican and Russia Back Together
After decades, complete diplomatic relations will be restored between the Vatican and Russia.

Obama Chides Putin, Notes That its Time to Move on From Cold War
Just a few days removed from a summit Moscow, President Obama gently chided former Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying he has "one foot in the old ways."

History and Timeline of Russian Czars
Did you know that during the reign of the Russian czars, Russia had become a European superpower? Let us take a quick look at the interesting history and timeline of the Russian czars.

President Obama Seeks Russian Help on Iran, But No Deal in Place
As Barack Obama seeks Russian cooperation in nullifying a potential future Iranian nuclear threat, Russia continues to be concerned with U.S. missile defense in the region.

Roughly One Third of Russian Fighter Jets Deemed Obsolete and Unsafe
In a blow to Russia's growing image as a re-emerging world military power, its defense ministry confirmed that over 200 of its fighter jets are obsolete and not safe for flight.

Russian Leader Says His Country Wants to Help U.S. in Afghanistan
Russia, which fought its own 10-year war in Afghanistan, has noted via President Dmitry Medvedev that they would be willing to assist the U.S. in bringing stability to the war-torn country.

Russia and Cuba Look to Renew Old Alliance
Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, relations between Russia and Cuba have been largely symbolic. Now the two nations are moving to strengthen their old bonds and build a foundation for the future.

Russia Cuts Gas Supply to Balkans, Residents Freezing
Russian has stopped shipping heating fuel through Ukraine, leaving many in Bulgaria and other Balkan nations out in the cold.

Russians Getting Feisty, Plan on Testing Obama on Arms Issues
The U.S.’s erstwhile Cold War enemy Russia has indicated concern over American missile defense measures of late, and plans to test President-elect Barack Obama on the issue.

Russia Not Sharing in Obama Celebration, Tests Missiles
Not believing the good intentions of the U.S., Russia is running missile testing operations near areas in Eastern Europe that are slated to get U.S. missile defense bases.

UN Pushes Russia-Georgia Cease Fire
The U.N. Security Council is scrambling to end hostilities between Russia and Georgia while aid organizations are denied entry into war torn areas.

Russian Army Makes a Move against Georgian Forces
Segments of the Russian Army have moved into the capital of South Ossetia to stop Georgian Forces from overtaking separatist forces.

Russians Release American Pastor
A Russian court has decided to release the American pastor charged with smuggling ammunition into the country.

Pastor Imprisoned for Smuggling Ammunition
An American pastor has been imprisoned for smuggling hunting ammunition into Russia.