Sunday, 30 January 2011

Containment Systems - Keep Spills From Getting Out of Hand With Containment Systems

Spills are a fact of life, especially in an industrial setting, and they can easily get out of hand. But if you are able to contain the spill as soon as it happens, the potential damage is contained as well -- and the spill is much easier to clean up. Read on to discover some effective ways to keep spills under control.
There are a number of products that can help you contain spills so that you can quickly clean them up and dispose of them properly. It doesn't matter if the spill involves oil, harsh chemicals, or any other types of liquids.
Which ones to use depends on how big the spill is, in what environment it occurs, and what exactly was spilled. Of course you don't know all of this information before a spill happens, so in order to be prepared for whatever spills may happen, you may want to get a variety of containment system. As you check out the possibilities, you may want to check out the following:
1) Spill containment berms
Spill containment berms are small and portable. They contain the spill so that it does not spread to other areas. There are berms that equipment can simply be placed on and where assembly is not required. There are other berms for which assembly is required. These are frequently referred to as "L bracket berms." They are very economical and easy to assemble so that spills don't spread into sensitive areas. They also makes cleanup safe and easy.
2) No assembly required spill berms
No assembly spill berms come in many different shapes and sizes. You can even invest in berms that easily wrap around a truck. That way if something spills from the truck, it is easily contained and there won't be a need for the cleanup crew to chase the errant liquids down the parking lot or closing off roads because the hazardous material has made its way into the environment.
Why is it important that you do what you can to preserve the environment? For starters, you can be fined by the EPA if the groundwater or the environment is harmed in any way. You also want to ensure that the ecosystem stays intact. After all, you do not want to be the one responsible for environmental harm.
You also do not want your employees chasing a spill as it causes extensive damage to the inside or outside of your facility. That would risk that your employees get harmed as well. They could get hurt by coming in direct contact with the spilled materials, by slipping and falling, by inhaling fumes, and more. When the spill can be properly contained, on the other hand, people and your facility will remain safe and potential liability issues kept to a minimum.
So look into spill containment systems to make sure you have nothing to worry about if a spill occurs. Even if you can't clean up a spill right away, it is contained for when you can get to it. Most of all, containment systems keep you and your staff from inadvertently coming in contact with the material
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