Sunday, 30 January 2011

Use Absorbent Granules For an Easy Clean Up Job

Having problems with absorbing oil, grease and other types of spills? These types of spills are a pain as they are very hard to clean. It will take up a lot of time to clean and cannot be left to be cleaned at a later time as it is prone to causing accidents. The easiest way to deal with such spills is by using some absorbent granules. These work by absorbing the spill while you watch or do something else.
One of the best granules to use is the Spilfyter Specialty Spill Control Granular Sorbent. This is an all-purpose absorbent than can be used for all types of spills, whether it is oil, lubricants, solvents or water, it can absorb it all with the same amount of efficiency. When a spill occurs and you have to clean it up immediately, just take some granules, pour it over the affected area and watch it suck in all the liquid. The amount of granules needed is proportional to the amount of liquid spilled. For every one pound of liquid spilled, you will need an equivalent of one pound of granules for a 1:1 ratio.
This method of cleaning is not only very easy, but it is also safe and highly effective. The granules are environment-friendly and it has no chemicals that may cause harm to the environment or yourself. It is also very effective as it can absorb liquids at an efficient rate while tend to other more important things. After it has absorbed all the liquid, just sweep the granules away and throw them in the trash can. Priced at only $8.23 per 30 pounds, this is a product that you should take advantage of. With these granules, you will never have to break your back again in wiping and absorbing those annoying spills.
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