Sunday, 30 January 2011

Use Oil Absorbent Pads For Cleaning and Preventing Oil Spills

One of the hardest things to clean are oil spills as oil has a tendency to stick really well to any surface. Unlike water where wiping off most of it is okay as the rest will just evaporate, oil must be removed completely since it will not evaporate, and even leaving a thin film behind is very dangerous as it can still cause people to slip and slide. In addition to this, using regular cleaning tools such as rags are not very effective in taking up oil; you may need to find other more efficient wipers for absorbing oil. Another option is to prevent such oil spills from getting out of hand in the first place so that clean up won't have to be that hard.
The best way to clan and prevent oil spills and leaks is through the use of oil absorbent pads. Spilfyter has oil-only sorbent rolls and pads which can be used for cleaning up or preventing oil spills. Its material is made especially for absorbing oil and other oil-based liquids only. It repels water so it can even be used to separate oil that may be floating on water. It also has an improved absorbing capacity to help you clean more efficiently.
These oil-only pads and rolls can be placed under machines and to line shelves to prevent leaks from spreading. It can also prevent the formation of ugly stains on the floor. The Spilfyter products are dimple bonded to increase their strength so you won't have to worry about tearing. It can even be placed under heavy machines and they would do their job just fine. These can also be used as rags in case accidental spills occur. So forget about those cloth rags and start using these oil-only sorbent pads and rolls for your oil cleaning needs today.
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