Sunday, 30 January 2011

Portable Spill Kits For Speedier Response Times

In an emergency spill response situation it is important to act fast to prevent the liquids from spreading or endangering anyone. Containing the leak is the first step in preventing any damage to stock, drains and employees and speed is critical. Portable Spill containment kits provide the perfect solution for speedy response as they are easier and more convenient to transport to a spill and include everything needed to block, contain and clean up a dangerous situation.
Portable spill kits are designed to make it quicker and easier when responding to spills in an emergency response situation and your choice of kit should be dependent on your location as it is important to know the physical limitations of your spill response team, as well as the terrain they must cover to get to a spill. Find out below how different portable kits can help you achieve fast, effective cleanup:
1. Easier and more convenient to transport
Spills can happen anywhere and at any time if you handle or store liquids so it is likely that a kit may not always be readily available in the exact location where a spill happens. Portable Spill Kits are designed so that they easier and more convenient to transport to a spill making spill response time much quicker. They are available in different sizes and packaging options and your choice of spill kit should depend on the largest volume of spill that is likely to happen at your facility. For smaller volume spills there are spill bags with convenient carry handles which are easy to just grab and go for speedy spill response. For larger volume spills there are kits in wheeled containers which can easily be transported to the affected area. Some wheeled containers on the market have heavy duty rubber wheels which roll easily over nearly any surface and make it easier to transport.
2. Everything you need will be at hand
Spill kits should be positioned throughout a facility in leak prone areas so that everything you may need for spill containment and clean up is close to hand, however, kits are not always nearby making response time longer. Portable spill kits provide a perfect solution for speedier response in an emergency situation and once wheeled or easily carried to the spill everything you can need becomes readily available and close to hand in the affected area, saving you time and enabling quicker spill response. The spill may turn out to be larger than you first thought so portable kits ensure that any volume of liquid can be dealt with there and then without having to make several trips to the response station if more liquid has spilled, provided you have chosen kits large enough to deal with your worst case scenario spill.
3. Absorb all types of liquid
Portable spill kits are available from some suppliers for most types of common liquid spills. When choosing your kit you should identify all types of liquid that are likely to leak at your facility and choose a kit that is compatible with the liquids. The types of portable spill kits that you are likely find on the market absorb oils, water and different chemicals. Oil spill response kits absorb only petroleum-based liquids on land and water, maintenance spill kits contain absorbents that absorb oils, coolants solvent and water and chemical spill kits absorb aggressive liquids such as acids, bases or oxidizers. These cover the most common types of liquid leaks and choosing the right kit for your liquids will give your employees piece of mind that they have the correct equipment to deal with any situation.
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