Sunday, 30 January 2011

How Used Tires Can Help With The Gulf Oil Spill

On April 22, 2010, there was a leak in British Petroleum's oil pipeline in the Gulf OF Mexico. This large funnel of oil, has been releasing 210,000 gallons a day for the past three weeks. This disaster was the cause of a gas, mud, and oil build up that finally exploded from the BP well. 10% of BP's crew that worked on this well died when the explosion occurred. Now the task is cleanup.
Due to the amount of oil, gas, and mud. Clean up efforts have been unsuccessful. They not only have to determine how to stop the leak, but how to soak up all of that dangerous oil killing the wild life and coming dangerously close to shore. May 15th's attempt to siphon out the oil with a tube was unsuccessful. They have begun to think of different methods to clog the leak. They are thinking about scrap rubbers and metals, even golf balls to shoot into the opening to stop the flow. They are also thinking about using used tires, cutting them up, and using the pieces to clog the leak. They believe this may work, since this method has been used to stop oil leaks in Kuwait.
This oil leak has cause acres of damage to the Gulf Of Mexico eco system. Turtles have been washed up on shore, covered in the slick substance. Birds have been drenched in petroleum, and fish are floating the surface-dead. This problem needs to be taken care of swiftly, and all of the oil needs to be captured and removed from the waters very soon.
For more information on used tires that can be used to clog the oil spill.