Sunday, 30 January 2011

Catch All Mats Protect Your Garage

When you are battling back from a visit to the store, dealing with crazy traffic and adverse winter weather, your garage must seem like a haven to you. Flip the garage door opener and just drive right in and be able to escape from your dripping car and retrieve your groceries in relative comfort. However, you are also bringing all those elements inside and the muck running off your car will cause a lot of damage over time, if you're not careful.
It is true to say that the garage is not our tidiest room. Anything that doesn't fit elsewhere is stored in there and we don't keep it up as often as we should. The surface comes up against an onslaught as well when we drive the car back in from the dirty outside world. Anything that is stored around the edges can also be affected and catch all mats should be placed before any damage gets out of hand.
Remember that wooden cabinets and workbenches are very close to your vehicles and any slush, snow, rain or road salt that falls off can soak into these pieces of furniture. They can become a prime breeding place for mold and mildew and you will be facing a major renovation job unless you have put catch all mats in place to start off with.
As absorbent mats are made from durable polypropylene, once you fit them beneath all the vehicles in your garage they will last a long time. Don't worry about any slip and fall accidents either, as the base of the mat is made from vinyl.
When it comes time to spring clean your garage, you will really be thankful for having placed catch all mats beneath your cars. All the moisture will have evaporated naturally and you just need to get your vacuum cleaner to brush up all the dirt that is left.
Garages come in all shapes and sizes and the room available to pack your cars varies according to how much of the storage is scattered around the edges of the room. Absorbent mats can be cut to any particular size quite easily and with a little bit of forethought make your character look very orderly.
If you find that you have several different vehicles or larger vehicles to take care of in your garage, protect the floor and surrounding contents in all cases by combining different sizes of absorbent mats. They come in two sizes -- 3 foot and 6 foot and remember that you can also cut them to shape if needed.
Invest in the condition of your garage, as when it comes to time to sell the house, interested parties will certainly take a look in here. Protect your investment as much as possible.
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Angie Meza - EzineArticles Expert Author