Sunday, 30 January 2011

Let Us Support Sewage Treatment Processes!

Poverty is not the only problem the world is facing. There are other concerns that we should not disregard as well. One is environmental pollution. It is present everywhere and as the world continues to revolve around its orbit, the problem stays there and just like cancer, gets terminal and detrimental to one's health. Government and other non profit agencies are now making efforts to alleviate the problem and they are turning to sewage treatment process for some aid.
Sewage treatment process is a method of removing toxins from wastewater by producing effluent that can be disposed. The good thing is it does not cause any harm to the surrounding communities; plus it prevents clumping up of wastes. This is a good idea because we can no longer control the growing amount of garbage produced by every household especially sewage.
We may not be aware of the harm it can do to ourselves but just imagine a world so stinky and polluted.  Moreover, imagine it being that way for years to come where generations after us will wake up to this kind of world. If we do not act now, we will suffer tremendously in the future. Our health and those of our children are at risk and we should be responsible enough for this. There is no need to wait for tomorrow because today is the right time to do something about this matter.  What you can do today must be done; procrastination won't do any good.
The government should support organizations that are making efforts to deliver the message to individuals that we should clean up our own garbage. More campaigns should be done and more people should participate so that the task becomes easier.
What a wonderful feeling it is if we live in an environment so clean and safe. It is not impossible that pollution can be eradicated as long as we join hands and help each other. And sewage treatment process should be advocated to lessen this growing problem. The government and other agencies should make more policies and programs on environmental matters and provide enough budgets to make this into reality.
Let us act now and help each other so that we can have the wonderfully created world we once had. Let us bring back the original beauty of this wonderful creation. Make a difference and let us start with ourselves.  Let us secure a better future, start today.
Lam Bong is an Author living in Sydney, Australia. Learn more about Singapore Tutor at Tutors in Singapore,