Sunday, 30 January 2011

Common Uses and Storage Areas for Oil Spill Response Kits

There are a variety of spill kits available on the market today which soak up many different types of liquids. Some only absorb specific liquids, whereas others soak up various types of liquids. If you work with oils on a daily basis being prepared with oil spill kits specifically for soaking up this liquid will be your best form of defence against dangerous spills in or outside your facility. They help to contain and clean up leaks and spills and include a variety of absorbents that can be used in common spill situations. Find out below how these kits are commonly used and stored to help you get the most out of them.
Common uses
Oil Spill Response kits absorb oil and oil based liquids without absorbing any water so they are ideal to use when you this is the only liquid you need to absorb. These types of kits are therefore commonly used to soak up oil from water and in outdoor areas where spills are likely to happen and wet weather conditions are unpreventable. However, they can also be used indoors to absorb leaks and drips from machinery and equipment.
In an oil spill kit there are a variety of absorbents such as mats, socks and pillows to effectively contain and clean up oil spills enabling them to be used in a variety of leak and spill situations. Absorbent mat pads are commonly used for quick cleanup of leaks and spills. Absorbent socks are flexible and mould easily to surfaces so common applications are around machine bases to capture leaks, drips and overspray from machinery. One sock can be used to contain a small spill or multiple socks can be used to surround larger ones and stop them from spreading. Pillows are commonly used for cleaning up large spills once they have been contained with absorbent socks as they have a large surface area and the filler is fast-wicking to absorb large amounts of liquid fast.
In situations like the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico recently oil kits can be used to help contain and absorb dangerous spills and prevent further environmental damage. In these types of situations other kits such as universal ones will not suffice, as although these absorb oils they also soak up coolants solvents and water. For oil spills on water these types of kits simply will not give you as much oil absorbent capacity as an oil spill kit.
Common storage areas
Oil spill kits are commonly stored near areas where oil is transferred, stored or used to operate machinery and vehicles. Therefore some ideal areas to place these kits throughout your facility are near oil collection areas, liquid transfer stations, delivery points and loading docks. They are also commonly carried in vehicles that are transporting oil in case any spills occur during transport.
In some facilities response supplies are kept in a designated area so that responders know where to locate them in an emergency situation. Oil spill kits are commonly colour coded with an aqua coloured label on the container and the absorbents inside are coloured white for easy identification in designated areas.
Additional Information
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