Sunday, 30 January 2011

Environmental Eyesores

We have all seen them. Litter along the streets and highways, buildings old and in need of repair. The question remains what do we do about them? Who's job is it to clean up the planet? The streets and such?
I would have to say that it all starts with YOU. When I say that I mean, it starts with 'self.' It only takes one person to start a movement and one person can do a lot of good in the world if his or her reasons are just.
So, do you see that litter on the street? Pick it up! Do you see an old building that needs to be torn down? Take some kind of action to get that eye sore removed. Perhaps start a petition and tell others about it.
When people band together, they get a lot more done. Take the time to make the environment just a little greener - just a little nice-er to enjoy. Think about everyone on the planet and not just yourself.
However, remember that the action starts with you and I. We hold the future and the keys to going green and keeping it clean. Remember too that it is always a 'as hoped for' situation - perhaps we can never do away with it all. However, if everyone does a small part it becomes a larger part.
Everyone is part of the solution or part of the problem. So who's fault is it when our planet gets littered up and garbage mounts? Everyone is at fault.
Mark T. Joseph is a Professional Magician and World Record Holder whom you may know by his stage name 'Mark Mysterrio.' Mark was on a bed of nails for 283 hours and 5 minutes to get into the record books. You can view his online environmental petition here:

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