Sunday, 30 January 2011

E-A-R Ear Plugs and Safety

E-A-R plugs include products with several different levels of protection. Which level of protection you need will be dictated by your industry and by the type of plug that's most convenient. Ear plugs that are joined by a cord and that have a baffled, non roll-up design are ideal for those who go in and out of noisy areas a great deal. For those who work in those conditions for extended periods of time, roll-up plugs are very comfortable and provide long lasting protection.
E-A-R ear plugs prevent a type of damage that cannot heal: hearing loss. The concussion waves caused by loud machinery can destroy the inner ear very quickly. Because of this, it's necessary that employees are adequately protected. All ear plugs have a Noise Reduction Rating-NRR-that describes how many decibels they take off of ambient noise. Most plugs range from 20 to 35db in reduction. This is more than enough for most workplaces, but for some types of equipment they may need to be combined with ear muffs to provide adequate protection. Such jobs include heavy equipment operation and working with very loud hand-held equipment, such as jackhammers.
E-A-R plugs are a good item to have around the house, in addition to the shop. A lot of lawn equipment and many tools produce dangerous levels of noise. For landscaping companies and independent contractors, this is important to know. While industrial settings tend to have good rates of compliance with regulations regarding ear protection, smaller companies oftentimes don't enforce it enough. You should have an idea of how much noise all the equipment your employees use generates and, if that's over a safe level according to OSHA, you should require them to wear hearing protection for their own safety and because of compliance concerns.
These plugs are available in both disposable and reusable designs. Be sure to clean off any ear plugs you reuse according to the manufacturer's instructions. Taking something out of your ear and reinserting it provides a way for bacteria to get into your ear. Ear plugs also seal air in the ear canal. Make sure employees have a place where they can relax and take out their plugs safely when on breaks. Roll-up ear plugs are very comfortable and the foam that they're made of conforms to the ear canal, making them easy to wear for longer periods.
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