Sunday, 30 January 2011

3D TVs Are on Sale!

Watching 3D movies at home is not a fantasy anymore, 3D technology got round to home electronics. But the price of 3D Panasonic, Samsung and Sony TV is huge, though. However, experts say that 3D TV boom has already took its place, therefore very soon anyone will be able to buy 3D TV.
At the beginning of March the new era came in the U.S. with the first sale of 3D TV by Samsung and Panasonic. March 9, the first 3D TV, a 46-inch Samsung with two pairs of stereo glasses and Blue ray drive were sold for $ 3 thousand. The company admits that the startover of this technology at the mass market is partly owes to the "Avatar" and "Alice in Wonderland" success. Now the price of the 3D Samsung LCD 46 inch screen TV is about $3000.
Panasonic doesn't unveil its price policy. There is only one model in the retail net Best Buy which is on sale that is the 50-inch TV Panasonic VIERA VT20. This is a plasma screen model costs $ 2900 together with a Blue ray player and $ 2500 without it. Each pair of 3D glasses costs $ 150. Panasonic plans to sell three more models 54, 58 and 65-inch screen TVs.
In the summer, or on June 10 to be more precise, Sony Company is going to sell the 3D TV. Sony devices will cost about $ 3200 for 40-inch model and about $ 6400 for 46-inch one. In the future the company plans to issue 52 and 60-inch TVs. Sony says that soon every tenth TV at the market will be of three dimensional images. According to the Sony Company, the price of the cheapest 3D TV in the nearest future will amount to $ 500.
Will the 3D TV "boom" occur? iSuppli analysts forecast that in 2010 4.2 million of the world 3D TV stock will be sold out, totaling $ 7.4 billion, and in 2012 the market will grow up to 27 million devices. But the Gartner analysts have other figures. According to their survey, in 2010, 1.6 million of new generation TVs will be sold and in 2011 this number will make 5.2 million, in 2012 up to 22.2 million and in 2014 - 35.1 million.
Of course, there were skeptics as well: due to lack of content and the need to wear cumbersome glasses with batteries 3D TV has never and will not become widespread. Experts interviewed by the Associated Press, suggest that these disadvantages will be a major deterrent for the development of this new technology. Although manufacturers say otherwise: "content" will go far. For example, Samsung has already signed a contract with DreamWorks Animation, according to the contract conditions DWA will release a special three dimensional versions of their old computer cartoons. "Shrek" will be adapted first. There are some similar plans of other motion pictures studios.
ESPN Company is going to show all the 3Dthe matches of the World Cup, which starts in June. Producers figure on their devices to be popular among console games.
Russian experts were divided in opinions, about popularity and mass of the 3D technology. "Finam" analyst Sergey Filchenkov said: "The niche of this product is extremely narrow. It's kind of a new technological breakout at the market of home video, and according to its price it is definitely on the upper niche. Pursuant to Filchenkov the 3D function in the new TVs won't be in demand for a long time, as the one and the only 3D channel is in Japan only. "For the majority of TV programs 3D format is over killing by its capabilities and will only rise the production price ", - he says.
According to the analyst, the spreading of technology will be held back more because to turn an "ordinary" TV into the three dimensional by buying additional devices is impossible. For Russia, he says, the price of $ 3 thousand, in contrast to the U.S. is too large.
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