Sunday, 30 January 2011

Offshore Oil Drilling Rigs Actually Safe? Get the Facts Now

The question of the day seems to be, are the offshore oil drilling rigs actually safe. The answer would be a resounding... no.. well.. maybe. This week a spill that is expected to reach proportions that out-spill the Exxon Valdez is affecting an area already sensitive. Marine mammals, fish, wildlife and even some shore areas are being affected, along with industry and tourism.
Is Offshore drilling really safe? At the moment if you ask any of the people who may be affected by it, they'd have to admit that they don't believe that it is. If you were to ask our President today, I wonder if his answer has changed from the affirmative one he gave in the early part of April.
Whatever the reason for the explosion that caused the massive and still uncontrolled spill, that particular episode of offshore drilling wasn't safe. In retrospect, while everyone was asking the question, "is offshore drilling safe?", they were not addressing the real issue. The question of whether or not off shore oil drilling is safe is a moot point. It wasn't safe this time.
The question at hand should not have been, "Is this technology safe?", but instead, "Do we have the technology to fix what we damage if it is not?" That answer is obviously a resounding no.
It may be the safest and most wholesome technology available, but regardless of that fact, sometimes, even the most safe technology goes awry.
In light of the current efforts to clean up what is clearly an ecological disaster of devastating proportions, what difference does the question of whether or not the offshore drilling is safe really make? This time, it wasn't safe, and now we deal with the aftermath.
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