Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Who Will Take Responsibility For the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill?

By Harold Johnson Jr
The pointing of fingers has begun about who is responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The corporate executives are describing the actions by the other corporation that could have mitigated this disaster.
Our solemn and erudite representatives of the people are lined up at the hearings, brows furrowed, deep concern in their voices and questions asked that, if answered, will ensure the safety of the American people in the future.
The word environmentalist is often used as a term of derision. The American people have moved toward a more technologically advanced future that makes such nonsense unworthy of our sophistication.
So how do we explain the stark reality of the ongoing pollution in the Gulf of Mexico? When will the American taxpayer and voter take the steps of a responsible member of a Democracy and make the choices that will hold accountable the actions of corporations and representatives of the people?
Choices are available to us. How many people have made the wise choice? The tax code has been favorable to some of the industries that have caused these toxic accidents.
Solar energy can be researched and is viable as an energy producing system. Some people have embraced this technology. But the question needs to be asked as to why our representatives haven't been more pro-active in ensuring the welfare of their constituents by drafting and passing tax laws that will enhance the health and financial well-being of taxpayers as regards energy creation?
And most curious of all, why do the voters continue to patronize the representatives of the people who appear to ignore the choices that will enhance the lives of constituents? The recent Supreme Court Decision that places corporations in the same favored position as people in regard to campaign financing won't help the voter to make informed decisions. But, how much worse can it get? So it may not matter anyway.
But, ultimately, the future of the U.S.A. is in the hands of the individual. We the people still have the power as bestowed by the U. S. Constitution. Interestingly, the American Revolution was a response to the too-close relationship between King George and Big-Business - for example the Hudson Bay Company.
I suppose everything that is old is new again. However, the U. S. citizen has the incomparable benefit of the U. S. Constitution in place. We have the right to make the choices that will ensure our health and well-being.
Many people have taken the considered and independent steps of taking their financial and health decisions into their own hands, and have put in place green and clean energy sources. If solar panels don't suit, one can try wind energy or geo-thermal.
Or, if you are an entrepreneur, you can get to work developing an entire new theory of energy production that will be the start of a new industry.
The U. S. Constitution has suggested the importance of the individual. Have we bought the story told to us, that Democracy is about Capitalism? Capitalism implies Big-Business, does it not? Why have we, who have become disillusioned by Big Government, instead turned to Big-Business as a replacement.
Could We the People, instead of clinging like children to Big-Government and Big-Business, instead draw on the strength and valor of the individual, and choose Free Enterprise?
Could the simple expedient of making personal choices while drawing on personal values and native intelligence, break the strangle-hold that We the People often experience?
What better place to start than in energy choices and production? And when we are irritated and depressed by the Suits droning on about "who's responsible?", we can reply "I am", while we create our own destiny.
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