Wednesday, 16 March 2011

How Long Will it Take For Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill to Stop?

By Kevin Huffman
Platinum Quality Author
Frankly, it's hard to reflect on when oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico would stop. Just look at the amount of oil spilling out.
When the spill began on the fateful day of April 20th 2010, it was mere 5,000 barrels a day. However, nobody knows the truth, a little later; statements started flowing out, that probably, more than 40,000 barrels a day is being lost on the high seas.
Still further, scientists claim, the oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico might touch somewhere around 70,000 barrels a day.
The truth is that oil spill is touching huge figures, and if concrete measures are not taken immediately, things could go out of hand.
BP claims that oil spill could be stopped by the end of August, but nothing could be said as of now. Earlier efforts of plugging oil leak had failed miserably.
From sending a Robot down to the seabed to lift the 450 tonne valve, and put the blocks on the leak, to plugging the valve with mud, debris and chemicals. They have all failed and repeated attempts of plugging the oil well at the gulf have done no good, yet.
Now, BP is on the run to construct two relief wells on the sea bed, which would perhaps, be the ideal method to stop the oil spill. One of the wells is likely to be at 12,000 feet deep below, while the other well would take some time to get completed.
This could be the moment, BP and the whole of United States had been waiting for.