Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Reasons For Having a Spill Kit in Your Vehicle

By Robert MacLaren
Why you need an Oil Spill Kit in your car
In day to day life it is inevitable that spills will happen. In particular, oil spills can happen just about anywhere at anytime; at home, in the office, even in your car. Cars, trucks, in fact all motor vehicles require a selection of oil-based liquids to function; namely diesel, unleaded, engine oil, transmission fluids. All of these oils have the potential for spilling; leaks and drips will happen easily but can cause damage quickly. Find out below why you should have an Oil Spill Kit on hand to deal with inevitable vehicle leak & spills:
1. Fast and Effective Spill Response
No-one likes the tedious job of cleaning up leaks & spills, especially not oil spills; commonly conceived to be the hardest spillage to clean up. You don't want to be wasting time or labour trying to source suitable cleaners or materials, well-informed of the fact that the longer you leave the spill, the more likely you will be left with unsightly marks and stains. You do not want an oil stain on your expensive mono-blocked parking area or be at risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals from the oil spill. This is why it is important to act fast to stop oil spillages from spreading before it reaches drains or causes environmental damage. Having an Oil Only spill kit inside your vehicle lets you deal with these leaks and drips as they occur. They allow you to tackle the spill immediately, almost eliminating any lasting damage and related costs.
2. Portable, Compact and Cost Effective
Even though your oil spill may be large, it doesn't mean that your spill kit has to be. There are many small, compact spill kits that don't take up much space. So you will never have to ask the question; where should I keep my vehicle spill kit? They are small enough to be kept anywhere you may require spill response. You should keep them in your car, under seats or in the boot, in your truck, in your motorcycle carrying bag, and in any other vehicle that could have an oil leak, including fork lifts. Spill response kits and bags are readily available and reasonably priced, so you can keep one on hand to just grab and go!
In addition, you can keep such spill kits in your garage, in your warehouse and in other spill prone areas around your workplace. This way you will be protected no matter where a leak or spill occurs.
3. Complete Spill Response Solution
Many oil spill kits are highly visible and durable and contain absorbent socks, pads and pillows as well as spill response equipment and other supplies. The absorbents contained in oil spill kits will only absorb oils and oil-based liquids without absorbing any water. Absorbent socks have a small diameter and mould easily to surfaces to surround small spills on floors and catch leaks and drips. They are flexible enough to contain small chemical spills and stop them from spreading, although more than one sock may need to be used to completely surround a spill. Whilst absorbent mats and pillows prove effective at cleaning up an oil spill once it has been contained, they have a large surface area and the filler is fast-working to absorb large amounts of liquid fast. Some oil spill kits will contain disposal bags and ties; allowing you to remove the used absorbents once the spill has been cleaned up.
Additional Information
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