Wednesday, 16 March 2011

How to Select an Oil Spill Response Kit

By Robert MacLaren
Platinum Quality Authorld be chosen to deal with the entire spill that may happen or multiple smaller ones could be combined to absorb the same amount. Choosing multiple smaller kits allows you to gain flexibility and mobility as they are easier to transport to a spill, whilst choosing one large kit means all your absorbents will be in the one place if the worst happens.
Identify the best container for your facility
Different sizes of kit come in different containers, all of which suit different facilities. The best way to choose the right kit is to choose a container that works in your facility. Things to consider when choosing a container include the physical limitations of your staff and the ground they must cover to get to an oil spill in your facility. Oil spill kits available range from small grab bags which are easy to just pick up and go to a spill, wall mountable spill kits which allow you to create a spill kit station, to large portable kits in carts or wheelie bin containers. It is good practice to have an oil spill kit in every spill prone area in your facility, however this may not always be necessary as you could choose to have one or two kits dotted around which can be easily transported to a spill area instead.
Choose oil-only spill kit refills to fit you own container
Although the type of container is important in your selection it may be that you don't need to consider it at all as you may have a suitable container already in your facility which can be used to house spill supplies. All you need to do is choose an oil spill kit refill based on your absorbency needs and make sure that fits your container. Oil-only refills are available in different sizes which all contain different quantities of absorbents and can fit into various sizes of containers. Typical containers used for housing spill supplies include empty wheeled bins, salt bins and drums, just make sure that you label them as oil-only spill kits for easy identification and to prevent improper use.
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