Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Gulf Oil Spill - The Small People, If Paris Had Not Been a Prince

By Jeremy Reece
The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is heartbreaking to witness and so many of us are overwhelmingly saddened as we watch the terrible tragedy that has struck the people along the Gulf Coast. Watching this underwater, volcano-like well spew millions of gallons of oil, day after day, is painful to us all. But not nearly as painful and horrible as it is for the large number of people whose lives are being savaged by this horrific man-caused disaster. Not only saddened, but a person cannot help but be angry and underwhelmed by the responses to the problems, and the lack of help for the residents affected by this disaster.
Would anybody be surprised if they found out Gulf residents are feeling unloved and ignored, like the proverbial red-headed step child? It appears there is nothing like a deep sea oil disaster to really let you know just how important or unimportant you are on planet Earth. As this sea based Chernobyl disaster, known as the Gulf oil spill continues, it is painfully obvious that politicians and corporate leaders are about as inept and incompetent as we have always thought they were. Unless it is their skin in the game they appear rather lackadaisical at best.
How about the entertainment industry, Hollywood and all the beautiful people. Where are the celebrity filled concerts, the all day star studded telethons? Is the "going green" crowd all out of the country for summer vacations? Why don't the big time television host and hostesses have at least an occasional appearance by people from the Gulf? They could share firsthand, their heart wrenching stories with the rest of America. Or perhaps, "Today live from Pensacola (or Mobile), it's the aaaaa show." But instead it is the same routine of A-list people, making the rounds promoting their latest movie, television series and/or career makeovers.
The answer is found in the movie about the Trojan War, called "Troy" with Brad Pitt and Eric Bana. In "Troy", a royal entourage from the city of Troy visits the city of Sparta to make peace with them. Unfortunately the Queen of Sparta, Helen, falls in love with a Prince of Troy named Paris(Orlando Bloom). She then hides aboard the ship and sneaks off to Troy with Paris. Agamemnon, a cunning Greek king and never one to let a good crisis go to waste, sees this as the perfect opportunity to raise a large Greek army and go conquer the wealthy city of Troy.
When the Trojans return to Troy, the king and queen of Troy are overjoyed at the beautiful bride their son has brought home. But before they can say tar ball, the plot thickens and they find out Helen is also a Spartan queen and about ten thousand Greeks are coming to take her back to Sparta, and burn Troy to the ground. Immediately the king issues an order for every able bodied male to come and defend Troy. The fact that it was someone of importance, and not one of the "small people", that brought Helen to Troy, is why the king decided to go to war. He could just as easily sent Helen back to her Greek husband and let them work out their marital issues.
Let's suppose, there was a sailor named Nobodytous(pronounced Nobody-to-us), among the Trojan entourage that went to Sparta. Let's rewrite the story a bit and have Helen fall in love with Nobodytous. She returns with him to Troy. The king and queen are so happy for their loyal servant Nobodytous, when they see his beautiful bride. Until the plot un-thickens and they learn the part about Helen being a Spartan queen and the ten thousand approaching Greek warriors. "You did what?" they scream, and they have the royal guards begin beating Helen and Nobodytous for bringing such danger to Troy. They immediately send soldiers to bring in every relative of Nobodytous. They put Nobodytous, Helen, all his relatives, lots and lots of goats, cattle, horses and gold, on ships bound for Greece. Problem solved with no delays.
Do you see the point? This disaster has been going on for two months. If things don't change we will have a land locked Gulf Coast, because the Gulf of Mexico is our Dead Sea. Would we still have geniuses sitting around scratching their heads, searching Wikidpedia for solutions if the spill was off the coast of Martha's Vineyard or Malibu Beach instead of Gulf Shores, Alabama? I sincerely doubt it!
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