Wednesday, 16 March 2011

BP Oil Spill 2010 Think Solutions, Not Blame

By James Edward Martinez
Like a ripple of water extending further out, so the environmental damage caused by the constant spewing out of toxic crude oil from the BP Oil Spill is extending further from its point of origin, leaving death and destruction its path.
Not only did the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon cause the death of eleven men, but as a result of the uncapped oil well underneath the ocean, the BP Oil Spill damage has been horrendous: Dolphins, turtles, a variety of fish, and other sea life has been destroyed; some parts of the ocean itself is contaminated with slimy blobs of oil endangering pelicans, ocean vegetation, and other life. The sea coasts of Louisiana and Florida give testimony to the environmental damage.
As a result of the BP Oil Spill not only killing precious human life, dolphins and pelicans, but also contaminating beaches, it has affected a way of life and killed the livelihood of many merchants along the coasts who depended on visitors to those once-clean beaches. The uncontrolled free-flowing oil has affected the public's freedom to enjoy clean beaches. Not only has the jobs of fishermen been jeopardized but also those of hotel employees, boat tour owners and their employees, and many other businesses along the coast.
But let us remember that in any great endeavor with risks involved, accidents can happen: lives were lost in the building of the mighty San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, the Challenger disaster, the Hindenburg, and the Titanic, too mention just a few.
However, we must concentrate on resolving the real problem at hand and that is to contain that BP Oil Spill and cap that well preventing it from doing more damage, instead of focusing on fault as the immediate priority.
Let's bring out that robot arm. Lets bring out that high-tech. equipment that can be tested under these real-time conditions to resolve this problem and at the same time make a contribution to save not only sea life, plant life, and other life, but also our precious environment and the livelihood of those depending on it.
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