Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Spill

By Bryon Zirker
What a fiasco, leave it to big corporations whose only concern is making money at the expense of just about everything.
In my opinion as the cleanup in the Gulf continues the debris and the dead animals should all be collected in huge nets or baskets attached to helicopters and flown directly to the corporate office of BP and dumped on on top of the roof.
I also think that all of the offenders remaining licenses and charter agreements for oil drilling around US and Canadian waters should be immediately and permanently revoked. And the international community should sue for the complete and non exhaustive cleanup to be paid for by BP.
Also it is my opinion that BP should be tasked with the problem of replacing the livelihoods or providing an income or damages to the families and businesses that were taken down by this disaster. The main thing that I would like to see is a very very strong message sent out to all of these big corporations who think they can stomp around the planet with their giant footprints leaving disastrous results in their wake.
The fact that they have struggled so hard to cap the well that is flowing continuously shows me that British Petroleum as well as other companies must seriously evaluate some of the geniuses they have working for them. Some of these idiotic attempts to cap the well are laughable at best. They must have some of the same people working for them as we have in our government offices. All of us, the people of this planet this earth, just simply cannot afford these kinds of huge mistakes being made with the environment, the environment is already stressed enough as it is without all of these mental midgets adding to the problem.
It really is a shame. The damage that has been done in the Gulf of Mexico is enormous by any standards and will take years to recover if it recovers at all. I am just saying.
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