Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Off Shore Drilling and the Gulf of Mexico Spill

By Carmen Linehan
Platinum Quality Author
Just when offshore oil drilling looked promising, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, with the loss of life and the effects on the environment has changed that. There is new legislation being proposed that would allow states to stop oil drilling off their shores and off their neighboring states' shores.
The excitement for the possibility of becoming less dependent on foreign oil by increasing off shore drilling exploded with the oil ship in the Gulf. As the oil continues to leak into the ocean, more restrictions are expected. Onshore drilling will need to increase to continue the push to be less dependent on foreign oil.
Alternative energy is being developed all the time. These alternatives will not be readily available to the general public for some time. Until alternative energy is readily available the US will be dependent on oil for energy. Since oil is a non-renewable resource, the race is on to make alternative energy available before the oil supply is depleted. This makes the unused oil that is leaking in the Gulf even more of a tragedy.
It is said the explosion occurred because a quickly expanding bubble of methane gas shot up the column for the drill. Methane gas is a hazard when drilling. When cold it is very stable. Heat needed to set the wellhead cement seal and the pressure was reduced.
Methane hydrates is very powerful and there is a theory that a methane gas caused the mass extinction that occurred 55 million years ago and may cause tsunamis. Methane hydrates has the potential of an asteroid and nuclear attack. When unstable, it can rapidly expand 164 times its original volume.
Politicians who have been supporting oil drilling offshore will no longer be able to survive in the political arena if they continue to do so. Making offshore drilling safer and having the current regulations enforced, is what it will take for off shore drilling to be accepted again. It was a long road to get offshore oil drilling opened up, and it will be an even longer road to get it to happen again. BP will not be able to truly make amends for the effects on the families of the men who lost their lives and the cost to the environment and this will have a huge impact on offshore drilling.
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