Sunday, 27 February 2011

Where Can I Sign Up to Volunteer For BP Oil Spill Cleanup in the Gulf Or Along the Florida Coast?

So many folks are horrified watching their TV sets as the BP oil spill continues and the oil washes up on the shore of Gulf Beaches in the US. Most folks are heartbroken over the whole thing. And others want to take action and refuse to lay down and die or let this problem overwhelm their good nature and positive attitude. Indeed, these folks want to be part of the solution, rather than complaining about it all. I for one cannot blame them at all. So you ask;
  • Where Can I volunteer to help clean up the Oil Spill?
  • Which Beaches are the Most Damaged Along the Gulf Coast?
  • Can we clean up the oil before the first Hurricane Hits?
  • Is it safe to volunteer, I've heard stories of health issues?
Yes, all these are very good questions indeed. Now then, one of the best clean-up volunteer groups I've found is the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program. Also, you might look them up online, and perhaps also search for; "Matter of Trust Nonprofit Group" which is keeping a list of small grass roots organizations working on the oil spill clean-up. The BP Website also has an information center and service, with a hotline.
Nearly all the local chambers of commerce in the beach communities along the coast have grass roots efforts to assist. Everyone seems to be networking, crowd sourcing, and working through this problem from Florida, all the way around the Gulf to Louisiana. Folks from Texas are volunteering, folks from CA, WA, and even Alaska have volunteered to come help. Maybe you might do the same?
One bit of warning however, and this is something an acquaintance recently mentioned to me when she noted; "The Oil spill is not an assignment I want to be up close and personal on. Too many residual effects appear to be happening with current clean-up crew of Local Fishermen. One of the past disasters I worked on was 9-11."
Yes, she is right, think about her warnings before you volunteer and check it out, make sure it is safe. In some ways it may be similar to the same problems with all the WTC clean-up and some of the volunteers and crews helping there are dying of a wicked lung cancer now, it's just terrible. So what is causing the fishermen to get sick in Louisiana after the spill, my guess is that it must be the combination of dispersion chemicals, natural gas, oil, etc. I'd like to look at those molecules and see exactly what's what.
So, if you do volunteer, and the environment would like your help on this, then please be smart about it and listen to the experts and follow the procedures. Think on this.
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