Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Floating Boom - An Effective Barrier For Containing Oil Spills

Oil spills in bodies of water mean big trouble. Fortunately, there are tools that will help contain the spill and make clean-up possible.
One of the key tools for containing oil spills in water is the floating boom. As its name indicates, it floats on water, which is, of course, what oil does as well. So the floating boom is perfect for keeping the oil where it is and preventing it from spreading. This is crucial for containing any contamination and damage.
Obviously, there are different floating boom types for different types of water. As a matter of fact, there are even booms that absorb liquids, notably oil-based liquids and other hydrocarbons.
But the floating booms that are used for containment purposes are non-absorbent. Their job is to contain the spill, not to absorb it. Once the spill is contained, however, the absorbent booms and other absorbent tools can be brought in to absorb the oil.
Before stocking up on floating booms, you need to determine exactly which type you might need.
There are booms for calm and protected waters. Then there are ones that will still work effectively in much rougher water, such as along the shoreline or even further off the shore.
Moreover, it is important to know whether there will be boat traffic, and if therefore the boom might have to be moved to let ships and boats through. This could be the case in a harbor area.
One example for a floating boom suitable for calm waters is the EconoMax oil spill containment boom. It is lightweight and compact, and has flat panels, so it can even be folded into sections. It is perfect for storing in boats, vehicles or trucks so you can quickly deploy it by hand if necessary.
The EconoMax also has handles and anchor points. And you can even get it with optional accessories, including anchors, repair kits, carry bags, lights, reflectors, towing sets and carry bags. And as its name suggests, it's very economical since it can be cleaned easily simply by washing them with detergents, and then reused.
There are other floating booms with similar features. Just be sure you select one that meets the EPA's quality standards.
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