Sunday, 27 February 2011

Oil Spill Recovery Jobs

The BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico has brought new attention to the oil business and the recovery efforts that are necessary to contain or at the very least try to reduce the environmental impact of the oil gushing out to coat the waters and land along the Gulf of Mexico's coast. In addition to the jobs on offshore oil rigs, there are more generated as the need to deal with the oil grows.
The jobs that are available depend on the amount of damage that has occurred. In Florida, for example, the number of vessels that have been hired to help set up and operate the containment boom, transportation of personnel and equipment as well as surveillance of the surface of the ocean and the many local waterways is nearly three thousand. These vessels are compensated for their time, usually up to $3,000 per day. The working group of local fishermen and local crews will be the most help to provide clean up of the area the oil spill has encompassed.
Other jobs that are involved in the oil recovery are the people who are trained in shoreline recovery. After training in how to handle the waste products and equipment used to clean them, and the correct way to handle the hazardous waste. This may include cleaning the oil soaked debris, washing the rocks and beach areas and removal of trash.
The spill affected many different types of wildlife and fish along the coast and in the waters of the Gulf. The workers who are required to report the dead animals are among those jobs not normally thought of as spill jobs but they do qualify. The wildlife biologists and oceanic science workers will also be part of the clean up as they study the environmental impact of the oil spill on marine and animal life in the Gulf shore and beyond. The study and impact of an oil spill reaches beyond the immediate into decades from when the incident happened. Studies and environmental impacts are still being done from the Exxon oil spill in Alaska years ago.
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