Sunday, 27 February 2011

Providing Oil Spill Kits For Workplaces

Oil spill kits should be available to employees wherever an oil spill is a reasonable hazard. The kits can be customized to the workplace. The employees need to be instructed in the use of the various items in these kits and when they need to be broken out. In most cases, these are the emergency response to an oil spill. There needs to be a more specific set of processes in place for dealing with the spill, and the contaminated materials used to clean it up, after the event has passed.
Oil spill kits contain all the most necessary items for dealing with any oil spills. Generally, this will include a mix of equipment designed to remove or at least control the oil in the environment and some basic personal protective equipment. The personal protective equipment usually consists of a pair of oil-resistant gloves and some goggles. The bulk of the kit, however, will be directed toward taking up and safely disposing of the oil that has been spilled.Spill kits are available in various sizes and for various types of spills, and you have to take into account just how much and what sort of hazardous material may end up spilled in your workplace. The worst case scenario should be the starting point.
For example, if you have barrels of hazardous materials that are transported via forklift in your facility, you should buy spill kits that are capable of handling the spill of the material from one of the barrels, not the forklift's engine. Because this will be the larger of the disasters that you're likely to be faced with, you need to be prepared for it specifically. You'll also want to make sure that you know what's going into those absorbent materials. Most of them repel water and other materials, but some are universal and absorb all types of material including water. If this is the case, hazmat disposal will have to be in accordance with what's actually in the pads and pillows.
Oil spill kits usually contain bags for the disposal of the pads and pillows, as well as all the other materials. Make sure that employees know to put a saturated pillow or pad into the appropriate bag. Having the bag included in the kit makes it obvious that this is what is to be done and, in an emergency situation, the less guesswork the first responders have to do the better. These kits come in high-visibility containers with clear labels.
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