Sunday, 27 February 2011

Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Officials have surveyed the damage that the Gulf oil spill has caused on animals, and coastal marshes. This has been a disaster where Louisiana has had many birds popping up filled with oil. They have also found nets and new hatchlings coated with this oil.
It is unclear if the birds can be saved let alone the whole area. It may be a possibility that the rest of the Gulf Coast will follow with the millions of gallons spewing out of the broken offshore rig, which occurred a month ago. During this article writing, more than 65 miles of shoreline has been soaked in oil.
The efforts have been sorry to say the least. They have tried to siphon the crude oil with a mile long tube, which has not been successful in capturing all the oil. A next attempt will be made on Tuesday but even this is unsure.
With oil still spewing out the pipeline at least 12 miles on Louisiana marshes are now coated in this crude oil. The state has actually begun work on a chain of berms that should stretch across the state coastline to hopefully stop the oil from coming to shore. The berms are made of sandbags that are hauled in.
So far at least six million gallons of crude have spread across the Gulf and scientists have said they believe that this Gulf spill has already let out more than the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill of 11 million-gallons. This was the worst in history.
BP has not given the public the exact figures of how much the mil-long tube has siphoned off but said at time it was sucking up as much as 210,000 gallons a day. They said this was because the amount varies and it is not just oil leaking but natural gas leaking from it.
Through this people are actually going out and volunteering their own time to help this disaster. They are going out along the coast to bag up the soiled coast and haul it away. This is the only thing they can do so far. Organizations helping others like the one's cleaning up the oil spill can be helped for free while shopping for great deals such as Amazon coupon codes. This does not cost anything extra to help others.