Sunday, 27 February 2011

Oil Absorbing Mats - The Solution for Preventing Oil Spills From Creating a Big Mess

Do you handle oil at your facility? If so, you're probably familiar with the ramifications of having oil spill and create a safety hazard -- and making the facility unsightly.
Oil slicks can make the floor unsafe for walking -- so they can cause accidents. And accidents can cause liability issues.
But even just splotches all over the floor can cause problems. They're unsightly to say the least. Meanwhile, spilled oil can spread and cause other hazards as well.
So how can you prevent problems that are caused by spilled oil? There's one solution that helps with smallish spills that can happen just as your employees go about their business: Oil absorbing mats.
These mats, along with similar products, such as pads and rolls, help to take care of the oil right when it's spilled so it can't become a big problem. It absorbs any leaked oil-based fluid so that it won't form oil slicks and it won't be able to escape onto the shop floor.
Depending on the amount of oil, you might want to have some extra absorbents at hand, of course. Absorbent pads and rolls can fit the bill if the mats are not enough.
Still, you'll be surprised when you find out just how much oil your average oil absorbing mats can actually handle. It's pretty astonishing.
And once they have absorbed the oil, they can be cleaned and reused.
Of course you can't have those mats everywhere, and to supplement them, you should have absorbent pads and maybe rolls as well. Those are handy for spills anywhere. Because they're small and portable, you can have small stashes in lots of places, and you can even ask your employees to keep them handy wherever they go.
So if there's a spill, it can be wiped up right away, and there won't be any harm done at all.
Now why do you need absorbent pads and rolls -- and oil absorbing mats? Because you want to make sure they absorb oil only. That's the cool thing about the pads especially -- you can use them to skim oil off the surface of a body of water.
And if you need to use your oil absorbing mats outdoors, they won't be saturated by water if it should happen to rain -- they will repel water and retain their absorbency power for any oil that should leak or drip on them -- thus doing the job for which you bought them.
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