Sunday, 27 February 2011

What Skimboarders Can Do About the Oil Spill in the Gulf

When I first heard about the BP oil spill in the Gulf my heart sank not only for the people and the sea life it would ruin. My heart also sank for all the families it's going to effect, all those people who had made plans to go on vacation with their families this summer and enjoy all the beautiful beaches that the black, nasty substance is now washing up on.
This oil spill is effecting so many people in so many ways we can't even count. It would take weeks and months to count all this problems this oil spill is going to cause and is causing. Most people will agree that America's economy is picking up and moving forward, however this definitely takes a bite out of America's recovery to say the least.
I've got a message for everyone who's living close to the Gulf especially to all the skimboarders out there. I can just sit back now and visualize all the angry skimboarders who were waxing up their boards up for the summer getting ready to hit the beach along the Gulf, only to have the brakes come to a skidding halt. This is definitely your chance to give back to the sport by volunteering your services in helping to clean this disaster up or by doing whatever you can to help.
I encourage everyone who has some free time (the time that you would've been boarding if it weren't for BP) to hop in your car drive down to the beaches and offer your services. Giving back to something you love brings great satisfaction and confidence.
Now let's all pray that this disaster gets stopped and cleaned ASAP.
Jason Fackrell
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Jason B Fackrell - EzineArticles Expert Author