Sunday, 27 February 2011

President Obama Not Cause of Oil Spill - Obama's Weak Response is Cause of Environmental Catastrophe

President Obama received immediate criticism concerning the oil spill from many trying to politicise the oil spill catastrophe. I was not one of them. Though caused be BP PLC, this criticism came for the most part from various Republicans. It sickened me to see a lengthy report on the oil spill where BP was not even in question about its responsibility. A matter of fact the TV talk host defended BP saying, "BP has been there from day one."
BP PLC Continued Coverup
Sure from day one, BP has covered up the true magnitude of the oil spill thereby denying Gulf Coast States the chance to fend off an environmental catastrophe. That is right. Because if the truth of the magnitude was known definitive action plans could have been implemented much sooner.
That being said, once it was apparent BP was inept at handling the oil spill President Obama had the responsibility to do everything in his power to stop the oil from reaching the Gulf States shorelines. It was obvious within hours of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion that drastic measures had to be taken.
BP was putting a spin on the evolving environmental catastrophe from day one and still after 50 days continues to deceive the world. President Obama should have recognized this instead of over analyzing his options. As an over analyzer President Obama is hurting Americans, endangering our national security and allowing an environmental catastrophe unprecedented in U.S. history. If you're house is on fire, you do not sit down at the kitchen table and write down what the best plan of action is or what the most cost effective option is. You put it out.
I have a plan, most of which came within days of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion. If I was President this plan would have been implemented with immediate action as to prevent most of the oil from reaching our beautiful shores, marshes and wetlands.
One of my favorite sayings is talk is cheap. So here is my plan along with President Obama's response. Keep in mind my plan was in foresight anticipating the impending disaster if action was not taken IMMEDIATELY.
1. My Response: Immediately call leaders, BP PLC and other oil companies from around the world to get oil skimmers and tankers that hold vast amounts of oil into the Gulf of Mexico ASAP.
President Obama's Response: Turn down 15 of 17 countries who offered help that would have captured oil BEFORE it reached the Gulf Coast.
2. My Response: Talk with other leading oil companies to get their ideas and advice and find out who has the best technologies in the world to deal with a problem of this magnitude. No one company holds all the best technology in any field of business. I would not put all of our nations hope or eggs in one basket (BP), concerning a crisis of this magnitude.
President Obama's Response: Depends on BP to solve the whole problem specifically stating he was in charge but BP had the technology to fix the problem.
3. My Response: First Line of Defense - My main priority would be to capture oil at the point it rises to the Gulf waters surface. Every available tanker and skimmer would be put into service from countries around the world. Even knowing the tankers and skimmers could take many days to reach the Gulf of Mexico, this is all the more reason to get them leaving for their destination IMMEDIATELY. Also, BP PLC would be forced to put into action their Emergency Response Plan for the Gulf of Mexico submitted to Federal Regulators in 2008. I would not allow BP to just say they did, they would be monitored. Especially since the 2008 plan claimed BP could handle an oil spill of several million gallons per day.
President Obama's Response: Still saying BP has the best technology to handle the oil spill. Limited amount of tankers and skimmers as first response - with many boats not equipped to handle an oil spill. By trusting BP and not properly assessing the potential catastrophic environmental impact of the leak, President Obama lacked foresight.
4. My Response: Second Line of Defense - I would designate an "Environmental Response Team" to organize the Coast Guard, National Guard and other services to set up a second line of defense. This second line would be a massive amount of boats and ships including skimmers that would be positioned behind the first line of defense. Boats and ships without skimming equipment would be equipped with other means of collecting or soaking up the oil. Giant hair balls, heavy nets, floating oil captures, anything that would collect oil BEFORE it reached our pristine coastlines would be put into play.
President Obama's Response: "I want you to know that the oil spill is on my mind from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed" - not stating any significant plan of action.
5. My Response: Third Line of Defense - 500,000 U.S. citizens would be hired at $22.00 per hour, with first approximately 250,000 coming from the Gulf States. This would provide immediate income to those who are trying to save their livelihoods from any impending disaster. Also, this large amount of hired help will be needed to build and place oil filtering and sand filtering devices at a fast pace.
President Obama's Response: May 27, 2010 "If they ( The Army Corps of Engineers) have a disagreement with Governor Jindal's experts as to whether this would be effective or "Cost Effective" given the other things that need to be done, then we will sit down and try to figure that out.
6. My Response: Meeting and talking with all the Governors of all the Gulf States to see what they need in addition to my timely response. Many of these needs would have already been met such as Louisiana Governor Jindal's request for the permits to build the sand booms.
President Obama's Response: Governor Jindal and other leaders request before the oil reached their shores, marshes and wetlands were delayed or denied. This resulted in catastrophic economical and environmental damage.
7. My Response: Re-evaluate the placement of the 500,000 workers that were hired during the past month, starting May 1, 2010. With this many oil stoppers positioned at wetlands, marshes and our shorelines very little oil would make it to the coastlines. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? YES, when you consider the alternative it is some of the best money ever spent on our great nation.
President Obama's Response: May 28, 2010 - Four weeks later Obama said he would triple the manpower when oil HAS (already) come to shore or looks like it will within the next 24 hours. Too little - too late. May 29, 2010 Obama says 20,000 people have already been deployed to contain and clean up the spill. Too little - too late again.
8. My Response: Personal meetings 4-8 hours per day, 5 days a week as time and duties permit, with inventors, engineers and other intellectuals in and out of the oil industry. Many workable plans will be put into place. I absolutely would not depend on one company, especially one that mislead me and the American people as to the vast amount of the oil leakage. Also, in light of BP's "Emergency Response Plan" that falsely stated BP's ability to handle a larger spill, I would move at a furious fast pace to prevent an impending disaster. BP will continue to try and stop the leak but I will not stop at trying every viable solution available - including Kevin Costner and his brothers idea.
President Obama's Response: Also says he will look at ideas from any source. But he either takes to long while over analyzing if their effective or "Cost Effective" or goes on vacation-golfing while the environment and peoples livelihoods are being destroyed.