Sunday, 27 February 2011

Absorbent Runners - How to Choose Runners to Absorb Oil Spills and Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

Are you ever worried about slip and fall accidents at your facility? You should be. Read on for an easy way to greatly reduce your risk.
What would you do if an oil spill in your facility caused a slip and fall accident? The person who was injured would not have been at fault. Consequently, you would have to pay for their medical expenses, and their pain and suffering. There are usually other expenses incurred as well because of the accident.
Being held liable for a slip and fall accident because of an oil spill in your facility can be rather daunting. The financial ramifications can be quite severe. Furthermore, your reputation can be hurt as well and this can damage your bottom line.
Fortunately, there's an easy way to prevent slip and fall accidents. All it takes is the strategic use of absorbent runners. With absorbent runners, you are able to keep your facility safe and overall maintenance costs low. Simply use the absorbent runners, also known as oil drip floor mats, in various places around your facility. Those places include:
1) Under fleet vehicles that may leak oil.
2) In walkways where oil leaks may become a problem.
3) Around any machinery that may leak oil.
4) Any areas that may become slippery.
5) Cut down on cleaning costs by placing the mats on carpet that may become soiled easily.
When using absorbent runners, you are implementing Best Management Practice (BMP), which is a very important port of the safety plan within your facility.
In addition, absorbent runners are also a vital part of any Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan since they help prevent oils and other chemicals from getting into the ground water.
The absorbent runners are also made to last: they're tough, very absorbent, have a non-skid backing, and the backing is not penetrable. This means the absorbent runners will last for quite some time before needing to be replaced.
You can purchase your absorbent runners as 3 to 60 pound mats or in 8 pound to 120 pound rolls. If you invest in the rolls, you can also get heavy duty racks to hold the rolls. This keeps the rolls from getting in the way of workers and causing an accident. In fact, the racks keep them completely out of the way.
The result is a facility that is much safer than before. You won't have to worry about someone slipping on an oil slicked area. Those working in the facility do not have to worry as much either, which allows them to work more efficiently.
So when you want to keep your facility safe, something as affordable and as simple as absorbent runners that you add to your floors can take you quite a way towards that goal.
You can reduce floor cleaning costs, liabilities associated with accidents, and you eliminate a lot of worry. And being proactive in implementing safety practices within your business is ultimately also good for your bottom line.
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