Tuesday, 22 February 2011

School Systems and Global Warming - Teaching Children About the Causes of Global Warming

Among all of the things that are being taught in our public schools, one thing that should have a little more time and dedication put into it is the subject of the natural causes of global warming along with the man made causes. These future grown-ups will need to understand just how serious this is, what impact humans have on it and what we can and cannot change about the process if they are to succeed as adults. The more we understand about all of the causes of earth warming, the better prepared we will be to end it.
If you ask a lot of the kids out there what they know about the cause of global warming they probably will not be able to tell you much about it at all, if anything really. This is a bad omen for the future, since the children will be the ones who must understand global warming and be prepared to control and even stop it if at all possible, and we have not prepared them for this task. In order to better prepare our children, our parents and teachers alike must make every effort to teach our future leaders, scientists and citizens everything that is currently known about the causes of global warming.
Getting Involved
Many school districts have done the bare minimum to educate their students about global warming, and if you believe your school fits into this category, then set time aside to attend the next PTA meeting so you can raise your concerns. Another route is to ask for a meeting with the principal, either on your own or with a group of similarly concerned parents, so you can explain your issues with the current curriculum. After all, one of the lessons that schools are supposed to teach is to take responsibility for the results of your actions, and global warming presents an excellent example of this.
Even after you have those meetings to discuss your feelings about what should be taught if the subject of global warming you should not stop there. Make sure your children are well educated on the topic of this by providing lessons at home through your own words and actions. Only so much can be done within the schools so it is important to make sure that you are addressing a lot of the major issues at home to make sure that everything is reinforced. It is your job as the parent to make sure that your children receive the education that they need in order to grow into strong educated adults.
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