Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Beyond the Natural Causes of Global Warming - Teach Your Children the Whole Story

There a number of natural causes for global warming but we need to realize that these are not the only reasons for this planet-wide effect. One of the biggest causes of global warming is human activity and our interaction with the environment around us. The real problem is that we don't know enough to understand what all of the reasons are nor how our own actions may be working with the natural causes of warming to speed up the entire process. To develop a better understanding of a warming system, we need additional research and more time, hence the reason so many in the various scientific fields have begun investigating in this area.
While our scientists may understand the potential threat, too many average citizens know very little about global warming and the harm it can cause. Not only are our children in the dark but a lot of adults are too. This is simply unacceptable as there is no reason that we do not all know about the natural causes of global warming along with the un-natural causes and what it is doing to our environment. In order to make sure that this does not become a pattern that continues on for many years, it is important that we take action to make sure that everyone, young and old alike, learn more about this dangerous issue.
Schools Need To Step Up
While some schools out there touch a little bit on the subject of natural causes of global warming and the un-natural causes, they could certainly stand to do a little more. There is nothing wrong with extensive education on this subject as there are only good things to gain from it. After all, these students will be the ones who become our leaders, our employers, our world savers and their greatest task will be the protection of our planet's ecosystems. Since this is a fact that cannot be disputed, it is a shame that more and more schools are not stepping up and doing more to educate our future leaders.
If your school is one of those that has failed in its duty to teach your children about the natural causes of global warming, then you should take things into your own hands and give your children the information they need. Even if your school is doing their part, as the parent it is up to you to reinforce the education that they are receiving on the natural causes of global warming. Take everything that you can find on the subject and make sure that you are passing it on to your children so that they too can benefit from it.
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