Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Learn About Global Warming Causes to Make a Difference

It has been extremely hot these past few months. Actually, it is the hottest summer recorded in the history of this country. You can even cook an egg outdoors and there are already several people reported to have died from heat stroke. So if you spend your days outdoors most of the time, remember to keep yourself hydrated.
The reason why there is a significant increase in the temperature of the earth's atmosphere is because of global warming. We can all feel it. Aside from that, natural disasters are happening all over the world. They are happening one after the other which is really frightening. Thus, we need to re-acquaint ourselves with global warming causes and what we can do to help in the decrease of the temperature of the earth.
It is no wonder that scientists point to us as the culprit why this is happening to the world right now. They say that man is the only cause of this irregularity. This is not true. There are many global warming causes that they should take a look at. Let us just say that we have contributed greatly but we are not the only cause. In order to help, we need to know why they are saying this. It is because of the carbon dioxide that we emit consciously and subconsciously because of fossil fuels, deforestation and others. Do you know that every time we burn something we emit fossil fuels? That is truth and if we want to make the Earth's atmosphere more stable, we need to burn less fossil fuel.
Cheryl Forbes writes about global warming causes at her website global-warming-statistics.org.