Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Global Warming Causes Are What We Need to Know to Do Our Share to Help Mother Earth

Global warming has been a major concern by environmentalists worldwide. It is a fact that the earth's temperature is continually rising and it has melted hundreds of square miles of arctic ice which is scary because it leads to the rise in water levels which can bring about floods to certain parts of the world. Haven't you noticed that a little rain has caused major floods in certain areas of your cities? Aside from garbage which was not disposed of well and has clogged the drainage system, it has been caused by global warming too.
The first thing that we need to know is the root of all evil when it comes to it. Let us focus on what we can control and that is ourselves. It is common knowledge that we are one of the direct global warming causes and we should do our share to reverse that or at the very least, minimize or lessen the effect of it. The following are global warming causes: greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide, methane, deforestation and permafrost.
One way by which we can help is by lessening our use of electricity or our vehicles. If we do this, we can lessen carbon dioxide being emitted into the environment. Let us make use of our legs or our bicycles especially if the distance required is not that long. If you have the money, you can replace your vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell or a hybrid electric one can minimize carbon dioxide emission. Through knowledge we can do our share to improve the condition of Mother Earth.
Cheryl Forbes writes about global warming causes at her website global-warming-statistics.org.