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Global Warming Myths and Facts

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Amyglobal warming is not a problem4/27/2010
Kirtan Bhattmake a law to stop using plstic materials3/20/2010
Bobthat is very good

thank you
MadyI think we should try to do something to stop GLOBAL WARMING because I am a little 12 year old girl and i dont want to die or I dont want anything bad to happen to anyone i think we should write a letter to the president and tell him to give a speech that i would like to tell the whole world...this is my opinion.10/22/2009
i never thought of it like that before
C.G.JohannesmeyMan cannot control the climate.The earths climate is a record of constant change related to the suns energy out put. We know of at least 4 ice ages,lasting thousands of years. After each one,the climate wamed up.One of them carved out the great lakes. In the year 1000 the Vikings discovered Greenland. Why did they call it Greenland? Because the southern part was green,and they settled there until the little ice age froze it up again.95% of Antarctica is growing colder. The year of 2006 was the coldest on record in Moscow. South America has the same increase in CO2 but no temperature increase. Global warming has to be global or it isn't happening. Al Gore has zero science background,never having passed a science.coursein college. In fact we may be entering a cooling phase in our climate.3/28/2008
Taylorneed facts about methane1/29/2008
ElliI think that is right china is nothing compareed to the usa,1/7/2008
DeeWell that is incorrect. thee Usa has the most carbon dioxide exspells over anyone else.1/7/2008
TomGloble warming and globle cooling has been going on since the birth of the planet.About every 100,000 yrs there is a ice age for about 20,000 yrs . Then there is globle warming. Then there is another ice age and so on.The last ice age ended about 21,000 years ago. All of this info from the Oregon Institute of science as well as the Illinois Institute of climatology. In 1991 one of Icelands largest glaisers was found to have a large stream running through it. Oh no globle warming. In 2006 sienctists found a fairly large magma bed under the earths crust in iceland. they say they about 98% sure thats causing the melting. Another fact humans are the cause of only 0.028% of all greenhouse gases. Bacteria from the oceans and decaying vegitation cause 3 to 5 times more.Also globle means the whole earth right, Then why is it the Artic ice is melting when Antartica ice is the largest its ever been in modern times. And that is scientific fact. Yes humans have some affect on the warming but if you were to remove the human race it would still happen.It happened befor we were here it will happen long after we are gone.Just like the earths temp goes up and down so does the sun temp. That has a profound impact on globle warming.There are award winning scientists that now believe within the next 30 to 50 years the warming will peak with 2 degree above average temp and 200 to 500 yrs there may be the beginning of another ice age.This has happened through the life of this planet odds are it will happen again.12/22/2007
TJAnother boring non factual article on human's effect on our planet. The only major item affecting global warming is the sun's solar effect and the earths reaction to natural occurances. The earths temparature changes are natural and always dynamic. Humans have a minimal or no effect on our global climate! This entire hype is to make $$$ in books, movies, politics, etc..9/30/2007
Emmy All DayI really like this website .It gives you so much information on myths and facts on global warming.
Thank you very much
RoyYes, it is strange. Ozone is a greenhouse gas, and causes much of the global warming today... It is rightly said that fact is strange than fiction.4/14/2007
SanjayHey Dude, I wa knowing that ozone depletion is the main cause behind global warming and polar cap melting! I never knew ozone was the byproduct of industrial process, on the contrary, ozone GAS is produced naturally by all trees and vegetation that use chlorophyll for synthesis. It is strange!