Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Global Cooling and Global Warming Causes

Climate Change is a simple yet complicated subject. Simple because climate has always and will always change. Complicated because there is a degree or partial degree of climate change because of man-made global warming. With record breaking cold temperatures still happening the degree of change is apparently insignificant. However, many scientists agree that there is some degree of warming but have absolutely no consensus as to how much.
My personal opinion coincides with Patrick J. Michaels. Mr. Michaels, who is Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, rattled the feathers of the global warming community. Just because he told the truth about global warming being of little significance he was hung out to dry by the climate change alarmist. Professor Michaels believes there is some anthropogenic warming but realizes the amount has been fabricated. Why would anyone do this? There are several reasons which include pushing Cap and Trade legislation for personal gain. We should keep in mind that there are those who sincerely believe the planet is warming fast and will end life as we know it if global warming is not stopped. These are for the most part the same people who believe anything Al Gore says.
Patrick J. Michaels is also Senior Editor for World Climate Change. I believe he is an authority on climate change and one who looks at all aspects of the matter. Patrick J. Michaels has too many credentials to mention so I will add just a few to those mentioned above. He has been President of the American Association of State Climatologists, Research Professor of Environmental Sciences at The University of Virginia for 30 years, Reviewer of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, and much more. Mr. Michaels has his writings in several major scientific journals on climate change and climate research.
Why mention one man when there are so many other experts on climate change? Because Patrick J. Michaels does not compromise his beliefs. He has been threatened for his firm stance against the lies of the global warming alarmist. Colleges, Universities and other educational centers get millions of dollars for studying climate change. When funding gets cut because of lack of evidence for the causes of global warming people get mad. Well, thank God some people can not be bought by money. The causes of global warming are the same for global cooling and global freezing. The Farmers Almanac has depended on natural cyclical weather changes, solar activity and sunspots for a century. Maybe we should take a clue from them by using proven methodologies for the causes of global warming. Global warming is such a popular phrase but what about global cooling or global freezing? Record breaking cold and hot temperatures are being set across the world and there is no hint of it ever being otherwise.