Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Look at the Natural Causes of Global Warming

Many people believe that global warming is caused solely by the human beings that are on the planet. Many people are unaware, that unavoidable natural conditions also contribute to earth warming. It can easily be argued that whatever earth warming occurs naturally on the planet is a fraction of what humans are capable of contributing.
Global warming resulting from the activities of human beings, has been an ongoing problem for a very long time. People are responsible for warming, through a number of activities, ranging from driving vehicles to breathing. Some of more extreme natural catalysts for earth warming, may actually not even be on coming from someplace on this Earth. Global warming is an extremely dire issue, regardless of it's origin, and awareness of this fact is paramount.
Naturally Occurring Global Warming Catalysts
One natural cause of this warming involves the sun. Overtime explosions are generated on the surface of the sun and the impact is felt all the way back on Earth. Through these flare-ups, the Earth's temperature naturally continues to rise, which leads to warming. These eruptions occur quite normally on the sun and the planet can be regularly subjected to the increased temperatures that result.
There are specific times in the Earth and Sun's orbits, that they are nearer to each other. When this happens it is normal to see an increase in temperatures on the planet. This provides one excellent example of earth warming caused naturally. Human beings, obviously, have nothing to do with this event, which naturally occurs in the universe.
Another natural cause is the volcanoes that cover parts of the planet. Some actively are erupting while many others sit dormant waiting for their next opportunity to unleash their fury. When these volcanoes do erupt they send numerous gases, ash, and smoke into the atmosphere of the planet. As this happens the temperatures will slowly decrease. Temperature drops are due to the smoke from the volcano, rising to a point that the sunlight is blocked out for a period of time. The Earth's temperatures will go back to normal, once the volcano's activity has quieted.
Another natural cause of global warming, is alterations in the world's tides. It is thought that these changes in the current can be influenced by the sun. Depending on the location and the degree of the change in the ocean current, temperatures can increase dramatically which contributes to global warming.
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