Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Global Warming Myths and Facts

Global Warming has been taking place ever since the Earth was created. However, the growing amount of global warming today has forced people to pay attention to it and press the panic button. Global warming is the increase of the temperature in the Earth's oceans and near-air surface. Here are some facts, and more importantly, myths about the Global Warming.

The first evidences of Global Warming were seen some twenty thousand years ago, just after the last ice age. The earth's temperature has risen from some ten to eight degrees Celsius. Also, the sea-level has risen by five to twenty meters.

Human actions have been instrumental in causing Global Warming. Massive industrialization have injected huge amounts of carbon-dioxide and other gases causing Global Warming. The temperature on the planet has risen by 0.6 of a degree Celsius every one hundred years. Green house gases are another major reason of Global Warming. The year 2005 was the warmest year since the 1800s.

Carbon-Dioxide and methane are the biggest criminals in the causing of Global Warming.Methane drastically increases the amount of Global Warming in the atmosphere. It can increase the atmosphere by about 23 times the normal strength.The emission of methane into the atmosphere has large effects for a short span of time, say ten years.

Carbon has lesser effects over a large span of time. Therefore, the global warming potential of Methane is about ten times more as compared to Carbon dioxide.Other gases, which are commonly given out by Industrial processes are Nitrous Oxide and Ozone.Another human factor causing Global Warming is Deforestation. Today, deforestation occurs at the rate of fifty three thousand square miles per year. Trees consist of fifty percent carbon,and therefore deforestation is a major contributing factor to Global Warming.The other causes of Global Warming are pollution caused by cars and trucks.

Increase in Global Warming can result in other dangerous situations for humankind. The increasing Global Warming can bring about more extreme weather situations, a reduction of stream flows during summer, a rising sea level and glacier retreats. Global Warming is also known to create decrease in agricultural yield and in some cases, species extinction.

A recent study has shown that China has the most emissions of greenhouse gases. The study says that while China's emission of greenhouse gases were only 43% percent of that compared to the United States of America in 2001, they have shot up to 93% today. China has also increased it's consumption of fossil fuels by 9.3%. China has now decreed that the progress and promotion of government officials will not be only judged by their economic progress, but also their environmental progress.

The above facts about Global Warming therefore are a warning about the ecology of the world. However, there is a debate whether the entire concept of Global warming is a fact or fiction.While scientists generally say that Global Warming is a fact, some judge Global Warming itself to be a myth.

Global warming is a debatable issue, and there is a dearth of facts about Global Warming. Some scientists even say that the entire concept of Global Warming is a myth. Scientists say that other scientists have prepared the Global Warming Myth for various political reasons.The scientists are of the opinion that though Global Warming may be a reality, there is really very little that the common man can do about it. They say that the earth has had atmospheric changes ever since it was born.

They also say that the atmospheric changes had nothing to do with humans and their inventions because this was too long ago before our cell phones or our computers.

Scientists also say that the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere do not cause any global warming, because of the simple reason that warming causes carbon retention in the atmosphere.

Some eminent fiction authors have created novels about global warming myths. One such book making the rounds says that Global Warming cannot be either stopped or increased by humankind.

The book further says that Global Warming is just a cover up by the governments so that the voter looks the other side while they do their dirty work. Scientists are also of the opinion that Global Warming, in spite of all its seriousness, has not been scientifically proven.