Monday, 28 February 2011

Why It's OK to Make Money From the BP Oil Spill

As we enter June 2010, the BP oil spill on the gulf coast shows no signs of getting better, in fact it currently seems it will get worse before it gets better. Bearing this in mind, it's a reasonable question to ask whether it's a suitable subject to make money from. I say that it is, and here's why...
As someone who uses current events as the basis of my earning potential, the oil spill is a huge event, but it had seemed inappropriate to use the story for profit - yes, the media effectively uses stories like this to operate for profit, but I prefer to keep to less damaging stories. The damage to the eco system in the area, and businesses there is huge, and still unknown, but I do now feel it's something I can write about, and it's due to the share price of BP.
The cost to the company has been growing as the crisis evolves, with the Obama administration publicly insisting that the costs will be met in full by BP.
The failures of attempts to stop the leak has led to worries over how long it will last, and the failure of the latest 'top kill' operation means that it's possible the leak will go on until August.
This has spooked the stock market, and the share price fell 13% in one day. BP is one of the biggest companies in the UK share index, being one of the biggest dividend payers.
This makes it a staple of many, if not most pension schemes. So, the fall in the value of BP is having an effect on the value of most private pensions. My own pension will have investments in BP, so since the value of my pension is being impacted by the fortunes of BP, it now seems appropriate for me to use the spill as a subject for me to write about for profit.
This does not reduce any impact on the area concerned with the leak, but it's a subject being talked about every day around the water coolers, and it's how it fits into my business model.
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