Monday, 28 February 2011

Plan to Burn Off Ocean Oil Spill Would Be Ignited by Ballistic Missile

Enough oil has spilled in the Gulf of Mexico to spread all over the world's oceans. I'm sure the profit-horrified By-Product (BP) company that bears the ultimate responsibility for this catastrophic envirogeddon could easily burn off all that brown scum with the help of the U.S. Military and a handy-dandy ballistic missile. Why not torch all that messy goo and leave it to the atmosphere to absorb? Hey, just plant a couple trillion trees. That might even be overkill.
I'll tell you who's breathing a sigh of relief: Exxon. Their Exxon Valdez monstrosity won't be able to hold a candle to this spill once it's over, IF it's ever over. Gotta feel good for them. And, there;s was just one drunk captain who unfortunately got a case of "The Titanics" and steered his boat into Oil-Spill Hell. At least it wasn't from a mile down under the ocean. BP's is like a ruptured big-city sewer line with the pressure of a few thousand fire hoses pushing the crude into watery oblivion till further notice.
I think it could be time for an oil industry group prayer. That's about their only hope thus far. C'mon boys, put those hands together, drop to a knee and beg the Big Oil Profit God to cut you a break. It might work. Probably about as well as your other efforts. Go on, give it a try. What the hay?
Here's another person I know must be smiling from above: Jed Clampett. Talk about "a' bubb-a-lin' crude!"
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