Monday, 28 February 2011

How Can Oil Containment Booms Reduce Environmental Impact After an Oil Spill?

When oil spills happen it is important to act fast to contain them so that they don't have the chance to spread and damage the environment further, especially when they happen on water. Being prepared with the correct oil spill containment equipment will help you save money on clean up costs and possible fines for environmental damage.
Oil-only absorbent booms are ideal for creating a physical barrier around oil spills and help limit the overall affected area, reduce the environmental impact and the amount of time spent on spill cleanup and restoration. Oil-only absorbent booms absorb oil based liquids only which makes them ideal for quick and effective confinement of oil spills on land, even in the rain, or on water. They help to surround dangerous oil spills while absorbing the liquid at the same time. Find out more about oil-only absorbent booms and how they can help you limit environmental impact below:
How oil-only Containment Booms work
Oil-only containment booms have a polypropylene filler that is chemical resistant and hydrophobic for absorbing gallons of low viscosity oil or fuel but not water. Oil spills can be effectively surrounded so that they don't spread and cause further damage. Oil-only absorbent booms act fast and absorb oil as soon as they are put in place. As oil is absorbed the boom lowers into the water so that the remaining oil is exposed to fresh absorbent. When booms are completely saturated they will float just below the waters surface making retrieval easier.
Features of oil-only absorbent booms
There are many features which make absorbent booms ideal for containing and absorbing oil spills. Some booms on the market have strong, high visibility ropes throughout the length of the mesh skin which makes them easier to deploy and retrieve. The outer skin of oil-only absorbent booms is made of tough mesh which makes them more durable as they resist snags and debris while remaining pliable.
For larger oil spills it is likely that multiple booms will need to be used to contain and absorb all of the oil. Booms can easily be attached together using sturdy clips and connecting rings which feature on some booms on the market. Both the clips and ropes work together to withstand heavy loads.
The types of oil-only Containment Booms available
Oil only containment booms are usually available in white and dark grey colours. White coloured booms are more visible and make absorbed oil easier to see, allowing you to determine when your boom is fully saturated. Some white booms on the market have a UV-treated spunbond skin that increases UV exposure up to 12 months so they can be used outside for long periods of time. Dark grey booms hide the absorbed oil and blend in with the surroundings so they are much less visible while they are on the job. Some dark booms on the market are UV resistant up to 4 months.
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