Monday, 28 February 2011

Realistic Solutions For the Gulf Oil Spill

You might be surprised, but Kevin Costner just might have the solution to the Gulf oil spill that took place back in April. Yes, the same Kevin Costner who starred in such movies as The Bodyguard, Tin Cup and Swing Vote. It appears he has stepped up to the plate with the best solution I have heard since I first heard of the spill.
But, the media seems more likely to focus on the political blunder than the solutions we need to find. When Joe Barton called the twenty billion dollar escrow account agreed to between BP and White House officials as a shakedown, journalists were more concerned about the statement than what the escrow account meant for the situation.
Other statements that have been the focus of the media have included when Congressman Don Young said the oil spill is "not an environmental disaster." BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg referred to those hurt most by the oil spill as the "small people." These statements reminded me of the earlier reports when oil drenched birds first started to surface on the shores. So-called "experts" were called upon and were willing to say that the phenomenon was not caused by the oil spill.
When the media is focusing more on political bloopers and practical jokes, it's pretty much a dead giveaway that not many viable solutions exist. We tend to focus on things that aren't really newsworthy until something actually newsworthy happens. So, why isn't Kevin Costner's idea all over the media?
One solution I can offer is that we just haven't had that many great ideas until now. One solution brainstorming engineers came up with suggested that we send a nuclear bomb down to the well and let it explode. They said that it would enclose the oil. Another idea was to pour mud and concrete into the huge gaping hole so that it would solidify, hopefully stopping the oil gush.
Another brainchild was to lower huge plastic pillows to the seafloor to capture the oil. I'm not a critic, especially when everyone is trying to come up with ideas for a problem we have never faced before. But, I'm just not sure how well any of these would work.
But when you consider Kevin Costner's idea, you really get the idea that the problem could be solved. Years ago, Kevin Costner helped develop a machine that separates oil from seawater. It also recycles the crude oil at the same time. BP has purchased one of Kevin Costner's machines and it appears they have thirty two on order.
It seems like the perfect solution. It's better than any other because we get to keep our oil. Our water gets clean and nothing goes to waste. It's just a shame that the machines weren't put in place a few months ago. But, top executives always seem to be in denial when they first cause a natural disaster.
I actually have some hope where there wasn't any before. Watching oily sludge wash up on land while oily fish and birds die along the banks, I feel as if we have finally found the solution that it will take to fix our problems. I just don't know why it isn't in place already.
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