Monday, 28 February 2011

How to Use Oil Spill Booms

Oil spill accidents can happen and it is wise to be prepared for such an occurrence by having oil spill booms on your vessel. It does not really matter if you are carrying tons of oil in your cargo as your ships sets sail on the sea, or if you are fishing in a calm, placid lake. If there is an oil leak, you have a major problem on your hands, and you will be responsible for it.
If this happens, then it is also your responsibility to clean up the mess. Thus it always helps to be completely prepared. For that, you have to ensure that you carry oil absorbent spill kit equipment around for emergencies.
o To control an oil spillage, you have to be highly efficient and quick in dealing with the problem, before the oil spreads too far out. You can definitely call others for help, but before more aid comes your way, you must be able to control the spill immediately. It works best to have the oil cleanup products like absorbent pads and oil spill booms with you to take control of the situation yourself.
o If you have you have employees, it is best to have some type of training so you know what to do immediately in case of an oil spill before the situation gets out of hand. For this, you will have to make them go through the required training sessions, and teach them how to use the absorbent pads and oil spill booms properly. If you stay ignorant and helpless, you could be fined heavily for the damage that you will cause. Consider the training cost as an investment which will save your money in the future.
o When you spill oil, it usually will spread out thinly over the water. You need to surround the damaged area and contain the oil spillage so that the chemicals do not spread any further. For this, you will need oil spill booms. These booms soak in only the oil and repel the water. The harmful chemicals are skimmed off the surface without letting any further damage being done.
o Oil spill booms contain absorbent polypropylene which is held in a casing within a tough outer mesh. Oil spill booms come in segments that are effective even in rough water. They generally come in 10 or 20 foot in length and 5" or 8'' in diameter. They have carbon steel connectors on each side with a nylon rope running through them so the sections can easily be connected together.
There are some general guidelines that will help you while using an oil boom. Wear protective gears like goggles and gloves.
First find out the amount of oil that has been spilled and the extent of the damaged area. Then, connect the number of boom segments that you will need to surround the affected area.
Secure the exit points for the oil spill. Throw out on the water the oil only absorbent pads that come in the spill kit to soak up the oil that is surrounded by the oil spill booms.
The oil soaked pads and oil spill booms should be bagged once the spill is cleaned up and dispose of according to the local, state and federal regulations.
Remember, that it is required by law to report any oil spills on water and to have the necessary equipment on hand to assist in the clean up of the spill. If you are caught polluting any waterway the fines can be tremendous.
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