Monday, 28 February 2011

Oil Spill In Mexico - Bhopal Tragedy & Ways To Solve That Problem

God has strange ways of teaching. When our own action hurts people and if we do not realize then god sends us similar circumstances, situations and environment to make us understand. In normal situation suppose a lady were to point out the mistake of the husband that he keeps the room messy then she will do things which will exaggerate the mistake. Spilling milk or may be breaking of some vessel will happen for the women. In the same way Bhopal verdict came out and it has hurt lot of people's lives. High handed way of dealing by the American administration and see the same problem happening in their own shore. Of course back of the mind they will be self conscious of the Bhopal victims. Of course people who have ego will never acknowledge their mistakes. Then god send similar situation to make us understand that what is to suffer, so that we do not repeat the same mistake. In the same way next time you hear any disaster in china or problem in Mexico, remember the Tibetans problems and the drug mafia who screw people life. What we do as nation we suffer the collective karma. now there are ways to solve these problems
The fastest way to solve the worldly problem, Is to work in the multi dimensional level. To use ritual magic To use temples and energy enhancing people to clear the energy. Most people including politicians, MBA's from Harvard, IIM's are yet to come to that level of working with multi dimensional level of energy.
For example take Bhopal. It was left to politician to clear it. It has taken years where there is not much significant progress. Secondly there is psychic warfare between the activist and government. Now if I was given the mandate to clear it using the esoteric principles and if I am called by the destiny what would take years can be cleared in months. First I will work in the spirit level by using lanka avatara sutra and durga suktam. This will help to clear the lower level sprits in the city of Bhopal. I will then use Brahmins to do the nitya tarpana to clear away the dead victim's soul in the next world. use bhu suktam to clear the city of Bhopal and the site. This should be done every day for 90 days to clear the energy.
Secondly I will start the work putting a correct time using astrology chart. Many people like idiots believe for a good thing one need not see time. Their soul is at a very low level which does not understand what god wants to do; he will do it with time. In fact time is father and mother is space. Both combine together to form the creation. I will make sure all the meetings of the committees start in good time for the first time. I will use bhariava mantra to clear the energy in the blocked areas and to fight the court battles. I will put the fire grid and monitor on a regular basis. Daily danavatri homam, durga suktam and sree suktam will be done in a particular way to clear the energies. create a temple of danvantri for good health and the shanthi nayaki temple for peace. Ask all the people who work for Bhopal to pray and bless every day in their house. Once a while everyone will meet i.e. once in 3 months all the volunteers will pray and bless the situation. Use the principle of bali to bump of the people psychically who creates lot of problems. Many people with limited understanding work from one level. A person has to work from multi dimensional level, political and social activist level, people level, government level and court cases level. Higher than this is the energy level and ritual level. Just ten of my students with 100 Brahmins can clear the energy field very fast. Of course it will cost a little but then the energy will move like a miracle.
I have CEO's of organization, builders who spent lakhs of rupees on rituals to clear the energy and enhance the energy. It is not new just that it has to be done in the mass level that is all is the difference. The same principles can be used with minor adjustments for Maoist problems, srilanka refugee's crisis and Taliban's. clearing Taliban problem is very easy. Use lankavantra to clear the sprits which hover around the heads in South Waziristan. Secondly use bhariava and bhadra kali invocation with regular poojas on astami and amvasya. Give bali for the top leaders using kusmandas or white pumpkin. Within six months the battle will have significant victory