Monday, 28 February 2011

The ecological, chemical and histopathological evaluation of an oil spill site: Part III. Histopathological Studies

M. Barrya and P.P. Yevicha
aHistopathology Unit, National Marine Water Quality Laboratory, Environmental Protection Agency, West Kingston, Rhode Island USA.

Available online 27 March 2003. 


In July 1971 when approximately 25% of the clams in Long Cove, Searsport, Maine, had been killed by the March 1971 oil spill, collections of surviving clams for histological examination were made. These studies were continued through 1974 and revealed a high incidence of gonadal tumours in clams contaminated by the oil. The area of highest oil impact correlated with the highest per cent of tumours. The tumours were found to be malignant neoplasms.

Marine Pollution Bulletin
Volume 6, Issue 11, November 1975, Pages 171-173