Saturday, 29 January 2011

Spill Clean Up Kits Procedure

People should be aware of the properties and hazards of the substances with which they are employed with. When a chemical spill occurs, the individuals who caused the spill are accountable for timely and good clean-up. Improper cleaning of a chemical spill may result in injury, infection, conflagration, a release to the environment, or property damage. Having a Waste Management Plan for chemical spills is essential. Before starting to work with chemicals, the people must have enough training for cleaning up small spills. And that the appropriate types and amounts of spill clean-up kits and materials and personal protective equipment must be immediately available.
Spill Clean up Kits are usually complete with absorbents, socks, pillows, goggles, gloves, and disposal bags that are ready to use whenever a spill occurred within the workplace .In case of an emergency, there are standard procedures that must be followed for proper dealing of the situation. Most Spill Clean up Kits has step by step instructions in the provided manual inside so that their products will be more effective. First, alert immediately the area and the vicinity that there has been a spill especially if these are harmful chemicals. It is significant to contact personnel that are expert in such spills. There might be persons that are contaminated or their clothing so they must be taken cared of. If the chemical that spilled is flammable, it is best to seek control of ignition and ventilate the area to prevent fire. Next, appropriate protective equipment must be available in the Spill Clean up Kits for use. There might be leaks on the floor through the sewage system so the floor drains must be covered with spill socks and absorbent to control release of the chemicals in the environment.
Moreover, materials that can control spill should be placed in the entire area, encircling it to prevent spreading of spilled material to greater extent. Broken things or loose solid material must be placed in disposal bags to prevent causing further injury to people working in the clean up. These broken things might cause cuts and bruises to the people. Also, it is prohibited to hold with bare hands any spilled materials that have been absorbed. Instead, it is recommended to use a brush or a scoop in placing the materials in designated containers. Disposal bags that are included in the Spill Clean up Kits may be used for smaller spills while drums are used for larger spills. It is important to identify the kind of chemical and estimate the amount of spill to calculate the risk involved. If it is a dangerous chemical or oil or acid, it is proper to label them separate from the other debris. After the clean up, disposal is the next step. It is important to adhere to the Waste Plan to properly dispose the materials. Decontamination of the surfaces where the spill had happened must be one of the steps. Lastly, report all spills to higher officials of the company for investigation. The documentation of the spill is important to know the root cause and prevent reoccurrence.
Thus, having the appropriate Spill Clean up Kit is important to every business. However, what makes the kit more effective is knowledge of the procedures in using it. The actions and operations that will be done must be aligned with the clean up process to successfully remove the spill.
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