Saturday, 29 January 2011

How to Use Spill Control Kits

Every worker in any facility that comes in contact with chemicals, oil, acids, or bases must have access and knowledge on how to use Spill Control Kits. Laboratories, factories, oil depots, marine, and the like must have their own spill control kits installed and readily available. Hazmat spills must be removed by hazmat spill kits, oil spills must be cleaned up by oil-only spill kits, and the general spills must be addressed by universal spill kits. It is appropriate to use the correct and matching kit to any spill that occurred to avoid worsening the situation. Spill kits allow workers to quickly respond to an incident to manage potentially dangerous and costly spills.
Though the spill control kits are installed to be use, it is important to consider the need to use it. There are several factors that must be considered in deciding whether the kit must be opened. First, the size of the spill must match the capacity of the kit as well as the type of the spill. A larger spill may require a different kit than the ones installed. That is why it is recommended that before purchasing a kit, there must be a corresponding analysis of the place itself ahead of time. Next, the training and the knowledge on how to use the spill control kit of the personnel that will be using the kit is adequate to solve the problem. Otherwise, lack of expertise may worsen the spill. A manual where instructions and guidelines are written is helpful whenever there is a spill. The persons may refer to it on what are the steps to follow and how to use the spill control kit properly.
Then, the kit must have all the necessary materials needed. This includes protective gears and complete set of pads or gloves. The gloves must be clean and not contaminated before using them. Further, the pads must be made out of fine quality. A cheap absorbent may scatter the liquid than absorb it. Lastly, it is best to determine the extent of the cleaning process and whether there is a need to contact outsiders that can perform better than the employees of the company assigned to clean up spills. There are contractors that offer cleaning services. The only backlash is that they tend to charge higher fees. However, no matter how expensive the service they offer, it is crucial to put the goals of the business ahead of any expense. Any spill may cause bad effects to the company like on its image or on its operations.
Aside form the specialized procedures that are employed din using the different kinds of kits, there is one standard measure. This is to use spill control kits with proper care. There are precautionary measures on how to use spill control kits that must be on the watch out. Sometimes, the proper use of this kit is stated in the spill control plan of any company.
Therefore, the information on how to use spill control kits comes hand-in-hand with the kit itself.
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