Saturday, 29 January 2011

Alternative Fuels - Propane and Your Home

Alternative Fuels: Propane and Your Home
As we all know, global warming and greenhouse emissions are on the top of the list among today's major issues. With the deterioration of Arctic ice caps and the frenzy for more crude oil, we need to start looking at alternative fuels. One of the top alternative fuels is propane, a byproduct of natural gas processing and crude oil refining.
According to the Propane Education & Research Council, "propane provides great value because it burns hotter and more efficiently than many other energy sources". Statistics show that: 1. A propane furnace can heat air up to 25 degrees warmer, 2. Propane gives off less than half of the greenhouse emissions compared to electricity, and 3. Propane appliances have a shorter energy savings payback period.
(© 2008 by the Propane Education & Research Council)
Many household appliances already use propane including clothes dryers, fireplaces, furnaces, grills, generators, pool heaters, space heaters, and more. Your propane furnace can last up to 20 years whereas electric pumps usually only last up to 12 years. It is also cheaper to repair propane gas furnaces than electric heaters. Propane fueled space heaters are 99.9 efficient and have oxygen depletion sensors that shut the unit off if oxygen levels become too low. Thus creating a safer environment in the household. In your lifetime, using propane gas water heaters can save homeowners up to $2,000 more than electric water heaters. Think of all the things you can use that money for especially with today's economic hardships. Propane fueled fireplaces emit 40 times fewer emissions than wood burning fireplaces and also cost a lot less to operate.
So, why not use propane? Approximately 8.1 million households now utilize propane creating more cost effective uses for everyday appliances. Think of all the benefits of turning to propane: a better environment for our children in the future and more money we can save right now. It's time to start taking responsibility for the future of our environment.
Resources: Propane Education & Research Council and National Propane Gas Association
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