Saturday, 29 January 2011

How to Properly Select an Oil Spill Kit

Spill accidents are quite common especially in businesses dealing with liquids and chemicals. Sometimes these spill accidents are dangerous because the chemicals or liquids might be hazardous thereby causing health problems for the workers of a business. Also of great importance is the possible environmental damage that a spill could cause. Hence, it is important to clean up a spill accident as soon as possible in order to avoid these adverse consequences. That is why having oil spill kits on hand is important.
There are different types of spill kits. The most common kit used in oil spills is the oil only type. The oil only spill kit is used for cleaning hydrocarbons such as diesel, gasoline, hydraulic oil, jet fuel, and motor oil. This solution is ideal to any business handling or dealing with oils. Oil spill kits can effectively absorb hydrocarbons.
When purchasing an oil spill kit, one must make sure that the proper size is purchased for your needs and the proper type of absorbent is also included. For hydrocarbons you want to purchase an oil only type kit which absorbs hydrocarbons but repels water. The pads, socks and pillows in this type of kit are usually white in color. The size of the kit to purchase is determined by the largest amount of liquid you have to clean up in case of an accidental spill.
Factors such as the number of pads, socks and pillows to be used is to be considered. It is important as well to determine the existence of safety items that are included. These safety items such as goggles and gloves are important for the protection of your employees who are doing the spill clean up.
For example if your facility has small containers of hydrocarbons, a individual or 5 gallon spill kit is all you would need to have on hand. If you are dealing with possible spills of tens or hundreds of gallons of spillage then you would want to have drum spill kits on hand. Drum kits come is sizes from 20 gallons to 95 gallons. Larger spill carts on wheels are also available.
Before purchasing, if you take into consideration the factors mentioned above you should be prepared for any accident. Smaller kits are less costly and easier to handle. Having several smaller kits on hand is just as effective as one large spill kit.
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